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Jun's Penang Yummy Delicacies@金華美食中心 399 views

槟城传统古早味料理猪肚汤,卤肉,卤猪脚,卤蛋,卤豆腐,猪脚醋和猪大肠等等😄还有采用泰国柑叶自制的 Sambal,酸辣酸辣的十分开胃哦 😚 配饭米饭或各种面食,非常美味哦☺️不能错过 ‼️
Come experience our Penang’s traditional ancient taste cooking of peppercorns pork belly soup, braised pork, braised pork knuckle, braised egg, braised tofu, braised pork knuckle vinegar, and braised pig intestine, etc.😄 Dip with homemade sambal and our hot and sour sauce, super appetizing😚 goes well with Rice or all kinds of Noodles, SUPER delicious that you can't afford to be miss‼️☺️

请在 Product Description 哪里更多资讯 👍🏽
Please find more information in the Product Description

Welcome dine-In or takeaway

位于[#金華美食中心]—Damansara Kim 的小摊,我们呈现高品质的胡椒猪肚汤/红烧肉,所有的准备都是以非常传统的方式来确保您尝到古早的味道。 与米饭或面条搭配简直是一道美餐 😋👍🏽

The stall located in [#GoldenKimWahRestaurant]—Damansara Kim, serves high-quality pepper pork belly soup/braised porks, all preparation is in the very traditional way to ensure you get the olden day's taste. It mixes well with Rice or Noodles🤗

Dip the meat with our homemade sambal, simply irresistible ‼️

Reminder : We start serving at 7 am & will usually be sold out by around 2 pm. So please be advise & come early if you don't want to miss out on our mouth-watering dishes🙏
特别提醒 : 我们早上7点开始,下午2点左右就卖完了,所以请早点来 🙏

Please take a look at the following package introduction 🥰

🔥热卖套餐:Set meal comes with Rice orNoodle and hi-quality Pepper Soup 🍲

-高等胡椒猪肚汤&饭/面 - 市价RM13, 现在我们只卖RM9️⃣
Hi-quality pepper pork intestine set with Rice or Noodle

-卤肉&饭/面+汤 - 市价RM14 现在我们只卖RM🔟
Braised Pork with Rice or Noodle

-猪脚醋&饭/面+汤 - 市价RM18, 现在我们只卖RM1️⃣5️⃣
Pork knuckle vinegar with Rice or Noodle


配搭香米饭或面食类:粿条,河粉,面线,伊面,米粉等等 🍜
Goes well with fragrance rice or noodle including Mee, Meehoon, Vermicelli, Kuey Teow, Yeemee, etc 🍜

Those who have completed two vaccines and more than 14 days are allowed to dine in ☺️


Welcome dine-In or takeaway

Jun's Penang Yummy Delicacies@金華美食中心

Jun's Penang Yummy Delicacies@金華美食中心


1, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia

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010-2850553 - Jun

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