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Our Company

AIO is operated by AIO International Marketing Sdn Bhd (644794-T).

AIO – ALL IN ONE platform present various deals and promotions in a single platform from A to Z, connecting merchants with users to grab, buy and share the latest promotions or deals in their city. It is the place you start when you want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world's most popular e-market place, increasing consumer’s benefit while driving more business to merchants.

Our Merchant


We understand that you might have various campaigns and deals ongoing in a year. With AIO, you can update from time to time by just a few clicks. It is just as easy as to update content in your blog or a post on social media.


Having tight marketing budget? You can join us now as low as 88/year to reach out to more people now.


All profit back to merchants.

Our User


Yes, is free and we know everyone likes it! We have various deals in AIO and AIO Grabbie is free for users to grab and redeem from merchants within limited period.


Just a few clicks users will be able to discover various deals nearby them and buy or grab it immediately.

Our Team

AIO will be the next leading online advertising platform, created by a group of young & energetic programmer, designer, advertisement expertise, professional marketers.

AIO – ALL IN ONE, representing all the businesses in cyberspace and offers the best financial return available. It could easily be your best bet for online marketing site!

With AIO, the whole world knows